Minimum length goal hit for Book 1!

Early on when I started writing this story, I set a minimum length for myself (word count) that I felt the book would need to satisfy before it was something on which was worthy of readers (you) spending their hard earned money.

Relax, it’s just going to be an e-book – I’m targeting around the $4.99 mark.

The plan is that the story starts narrow in scope (covering just a few people in Book 1) but will expand as the series progresses.  From my own perspective, I felt that the first offering in the series needed to have enough meat that it could fill out anywhere between 60,000 to 70,000 words without dragging, which would tell me that my plans for books 2 and 3 are in line with reality.  Conversely, I don’t want to find that I’m repeating myself (characters are performing the same actions over and over again, etc); I’m using this informal metric to ensure that I’m not unconsciously padding the story to achieve some predetermined goal.

This is my first novel, here, so quality of content and pacing are at the forefront of my mind right now due to my relative inexperience.

The good news is that all of the aforementioned requirements are now or are currently being met.  I crossed the 60,000 word mark sometime around 6:30 this morning.  Based on what the characters have left to do in order to get to the climax I have planned, I’d judge that I’m about three quarters of the way finished on this bad boy.

I started writing this book sometime around the middle to the end of January, so I’m guessing I’ll be finished at the end of this month or there about.

Life is good…

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