Book 1 is Complete!

As of yesterday, I finished writing Commune, coming in just shy of 100K words.  I’m tremendously excited about this achievement but there is much more to do.  For one, I’m now plowing back through for a proof-reading/editing run, which should be finished very soon.

On top of this, I need to begin work on making this available in e-book form.  I’m targeting Amazon to begin with, but will also look at expansion to other platforms.

Also considering what it might take to get this produced in audio form, but that might be putting the cart before the horse.  Not sure.  I’m quite a newb…

3 thoughts on “Book 1 is Complete!

  1. Oder eben alternativ zuhause die entsprechenden Sachen drucken. Mit einem professionellen Drucker und den entsprechenden Druckerpatronen geht es auch daheim sehr einfach und kostengünstig. Kommt eben immer auf die Menge an. Bei kleineren Mengen auf jeden Fall eine Alternative!

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