Book 1 Progress Update

Advanced copies have been sent out for review and feedback is beginning to trickle in.  My wife has already played a major role in helping to clean up plot holes and narrative style so I’m feeling pretty good about where things are at.  Thankfully, the plot holes that have been uncovered so far are due to a lack of clarification on my part rather than being the result of use cases that had just flat out never occurred to me.  The former is easy to fix with more words; the latter could constitute the need for major revision.

From the admin side of things, I’m currently jumping through those hoops that Amazon requires before they’ll allow me to publish on their site, which is fine.  There’s this whole world to publishing of which I was unaware until I actually started trying to do it – I’ve since learned that writing a good story is the easiest part of the entire process.  Actually getting the damned thing published is like trying to pull the teeth from a baboon with your bare hands while driving a Buick down an unpaved mountainside, all while that baboon’s family flings poop at you.  The good news for me is that by going through Amazon, I can at least get a legal entity to drive the Buick for me so I can focus on not getting killed by an enraged primate.

Getting close…

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