Calling all Book Reviewers!!! (Book Giveaway Inside)

Fellow Bloggers: See the bottom of this post where I promise to go out to your various sites and re-blog your content!  This is not a shallow attempt to get your money (it’s more of a shallow attempt to get your eyeballs).

So, I’m starting to get a sense of what helps to make things happen in the Independent Publishing world and the name of the game appears to be: Community.

Fortuitous, that.

I’ve recently been in contact with another relatively new author named Ken Wheeler who has taken a dive down the rabbit hole about a year and a half earlier than me (Ken is a genuinely cool guy; check his stuff out at  He confirms what I’ve already begun to suspect: In order to get your book noticed, people need to notice your book.  In a lot of cases, people want you to pay them to notice your book.

This is just a personal thing (if paying for a book review has worked for you in the past, I’m glad to hear it went well – I want any indie author to succeed if he or she can) but paying for a review of a book that I wrote just rubs me the wrong way.  I’m not saying that it is actually wrong; I’m a total newb.  I have no idea about the way this industry runs.  You’ll excuse me, though, if I note that there seems to be equal parts helpful people and parasitic services.  Wading through all that gets a little hairy.

I’m not saying I won’t ever pay for a review in the future; I don’t want to rule that out (this activity may be totally reasonable and fruitful).  But right now, I want a real review.  I want to know what real readers think, not just folks that I’m throwing money at.

So here’s the deal: if you’d be interested in writing a review for my novel Commune: Book One, go to my Contact page right now and let me know.  I’ll work with you to get a free copy into your hands, whether that’s an e-book download to your device, a PDF copy mailed straight over to your inbox, or whatever else we can think of.

The first five people to put a review for my novel up on both Amazon and GoodReads gets a signed paperback of the Commune: Book One novel delivered to the mailing address of their choice.  The review between the two sites doesn’t have to be unique; you can just write it all up in a separate document and then paste it to both locations for all I care.  I only require that the review meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum 500 word length (no good just rating it with some stars, you need to write something).
  • No fake reviews saying how badass it was, please.  List specific details from the story so that it is clear you read it.
  • The review must be honest.  I’m not looking for a bunch of five-star cheerleaders.  If you think the book is only three stars, that’s what you put.  If you think it’s worth of only 1, give it that (if you still want a signed copy after giving only 1 star, I’ll still send it to you, assuming all other criteria are satisfied).

Finally, whether you take me up on this or not, could you help a brother out and share this along?  If you’re reading this on Facebook, share the page and post to all your friends and ask them to forward it as well.  If you’ve hit this page via wordpress, please re-blog it to your followers.

In fact, if you do re-blog this post to your followers, I’m going straight to your page, finding stuff that I like there, and will re-blog your content back over here at my page.

Let’s get a snowball rolling!

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