“Hey, what do you say we both be independent together…”

Interesting ideas from a fellow writer working through the “slog”.

KeWhee Books

Being an independent author is a lonely endeavor.

I mean you have to do everything yourself. I have already covered all the different hats one must wear to tackle self-publication. Initial copy editing, navigation of the various systems to get your book ready for publication, proof reading, marketing, agent representation (that’s you too)… it’s overwhelming.  Not to mention that you are also the bankroll, brains, talent, and toiler of this whole affair.

If only there was a resource out there that could help all us starving authors. Oh, there are plenty that want to help, for a price. For those on a low budget, another thirty dollars here and 40 dollars there add up pretty quick.  All to being further in the red.

I know for some it’s enough to just have your stuff our there for others to hopefully read and enjoy.  But it would be nice to at…

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