Keith C. Blackmore Says Everything Necessary About Indie Publishing

What the hell else do I need to say about Blackmore?  I love this guy.  I love his writing and his attitude.  I love the fact that he’s decided to extend a middle finger to an entire industry hundreds of years old and then succeed anyway out of sheer stubbornness.  The dude has stones.

It goes without saying that the writing needs to be good for something like this to work.  Blackmore is better than good.

“…And somewhere leading up to the decision to becoming an indie, it occurred to me, that my work was fine.

It was the publishing system that was f*cked up.

A system governed by people who wanted fresh new voices, yet only read the initial few pages of a work before passing judgment. A system that encourages submissions, but through an agent (and agents can be as elusive and as conflicted as editors), otherwise they can’t be bothered. A system being run by folks that all have different tastes, different moods, and different opinions on how things are done in the industry…”

“…So I decided to go independent. After twenty-two years of trying to break into the industry… I’m creating my own…”

See the full article here along with the catalogue of Blackmore’s works.

2 thoughts on “Keith C. Blackmore Says Everything Necessary About Indie Publishing

  1. I love seeing young/new writers taking their destinies into their own hands. Publishers, like Critics, can be a click of “the jealous” who wallow in their lack of talent and revel in believing they can make or break the truly gifted.

    Go out there and blaze your own trails. Your readers await you.

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