DON’T LIKE MY POST IF YOU DONT READ IT!!! (from the writing desk…)

My guess is: this bugs the hell out of you too.

It’s more than just mashing the like button. What’s happening is that we’re in a forum where everyone has a voice, everyone has a thing they want to say, and everyone is screaming at once to get attention. One of the quickest ways we’ve found to do this is to “engage” with others, because others tend to engage back. This is even in the tips that WP offers for new bloggers: get out there and engage with others!

Thing is, everyone has an ego. They want everyone coming in to read what they have to say but not many of them are going out to hear others. They want to take the least path of resistance an minimal effort to “engage”.

They hit like, move on, and wait for the new subs to roll in.

I’m making it a point to like only those things I read. If you do the same, I reckon the overall quality of interaction increases for everyone. Are you tired of fake or obligatory likes?



Hello my dear friends across the globe, Hope all of you are doing well, WISH YOU ALL A GREAT WEEK AHEAD 🙂 This post is regarding a strange thing which I observed in WP in the past few weeks.

I have been with this blog for almost one year and I have been active from past two months compared to previous months.  Like any other blogger, I too wished to have the good number of followers who will spare their valuable time for my blog too. I honestly expect them to read what I write/post, then express their views in the form of likes/comments.

I have found recently getting more likes for my posts. I get notifications of most of my posts being liked by my new followers just one after the other, that too within seconds (I really wonder how it is being done). How will one person be…

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8 thoughts on “DON’T LIKE MY POST IF YOU DONT READ IT!!! (from the writing desk…)

  1. I’m not sure how it works in the WordPress blogosphere, but in most social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Likes are still important, even without comments or further interaction. Of course comments and shares are weighed much more heavily in the algorithm, but if all you can get out of someone is a Like, take it. It’s better than nothing. A drive-by Like still helps, at least a little bit, in giving you more “reach” so that more people see your post. I think its a bit self-defeating to encourage people not to hit the like button if they didn’t read the post. Speaking of Facebook, the new reactions weigh heavier than likes. So you can always support your friends and colleagues a little more by using one of the reactions other than “like” to give them a bit more of a boost. But yeah, comments and shares are still the holy grail of social media interaction and its always a good idea to encourage them.

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    • I was thinking about this as well. My intent wasn’t to discourage likes – you’ll note that this was just something I reposted that I thought brought up some interesting points.

      There’s extending reach and then there’s quality, meaningful interaction. I took the original post as a personal challenge to improve the quality of my own interactions with people on here (at a minimum, I won’t like a thing unless I take the time to read it – I feel like someone put a bunch of energy into writing unique content; the least I can do is read it). Interacting with folks creates more questions and breeds new ideas internally. If we all just write whatever we want and the only feedback we ever get are likes, growth is hindered.

      I get that growth via social media platform is a bit of a goofy concept, but any growth is better than an echo chamber.

      To that end, thank you for taking the time to drop a comment here. You’ve given me things to think about (with regard to the utility of likes).


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