Five Star Review for Commune Book One!

Someone left me a lovely little review on Amazon today 🙂

“This was a quick read, I did it in about a day. I could not put the book down I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This is not my normal type of book to read. I am usually a strictly YA/ Paranormal/ or romance okay basically I will read anything as long as there is a possibility of romance in the horizon. Well, this book did not have that really. Now, I am still holding out hope for Jake and Amanda. Enough of that though.

This book has you focused on three characters Jake, Amanda, and Billy during basically what I would call an early stage of a Mad Max apocalypse world. So a solar flair basically takes out the worlds computers/machines, and people have been reduced to learning how to live without, FB, ATM, Netflicks, Lights, running water. So Jake, Billy, Amanda and her Daughter Lizzy are learning how to scavenge for supplies and survive after the plague takes out the majority of the population. Now, this was not a zombie book which I liked.

I really liked Billy I could see a little bit of that crazy uncle we all have, that tells us stories that will have an impact on us but then later add a joke. Jake is a bit interesting. What I really liked was the whole addressing the BIG PINK ELEPHANT and yes I mean PINK. In every book or TV/movie they hardly ever mention feminine products. Thank you to the author for paying attention to the fact a woman in a post civilization may want her tampax. This was not my normal book but I am glad I read it.”

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought, dear reader.  I’m glad to have touched on some subjects that you found lacking in other stories within this genre.  Hope to see you back for Book Two!

Commune Book One is available on Amazon and Kobo in ebook and print form.  It will be available as an audio book later this year on

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