Commune One Audio Book Giveaway

Okay, my lovlies.  In celebration of Commune Book One’s release on, I have 14 copies to give away for FREE.

Commune Book One is the first entry of a three-book series covering the survival of several people in an American post-apocalyptic landscape.  It is narrated by the incredible Audie Award-winning R. C. Bray.

To enter for your chance to win a copy of the audio book, you must register on my mailing list, which is accessible via the link on the right side of my site or just click the image below:

This list is how I will keep track of entrants.  I’ll leave the registration open until Friday 11/10/2017 of this week, after which I’ll select 14 names from the list at random.  If you’re one of those names, I’ll send you a gift copy of the book via the e-mail you enter to download via your audible account.

And then, I guess if fewer than 14 people register, you all win!  I’ll be like Oprah handing out audio books, which is outstanding because you won’t be left with picking up the income tax bill! 😛

Stuff I want to be clear on:

This mailing list isn’t a spam setup, that’s my personal promise to you as the goon running this whole show.  I freaking hate spam and I’ll be damned if I’m on the giving end of the stuff.  The mailing list is a tool that I’ll use (infrequently) to send out mass updates about book progress, book releases, and perhaps any appearances that I’ll be making in the future.   You’re not going to get an e-mail from me every time I write a blog post and crap a sentence out on twitter.  The purpose of the list is only so that I can keep my readers up to date on the new stuff they might be interested in.  And if you decide you don’t even want those e-mails coming from me, removing yourself from the list is easy.

Sound fair?




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