Commune Book 2 Audio Book Release Date

A lot of you are starting to clamor for book 2’s release date on Audible.  Well, I’m sorry to say that, though R. C. Bray and I have a production target date set, I’m unable to share it yet because of his schedule, which is always insane.  This is a courtesy to R. C. Bray; he has a lot of things pulling him around, making demands on his time and so forth.  Sometimes, he has no choice but to shift his projects around other life events.

Think about it; even if the guy gets a cold, his voice is rendered unusable until he fully recovers, and this could throw his whole production schedule off by a week or so.  A week isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but then he and I have both seen readers and other authors alike tear out their hair at the slightest prospect of delay.  On one hand, this is a great problem for us to have – it’s wonderful that you guys want so badly to share in our labors, and most of you are incredibly understanding with regard to life’s little curve balls.  Even so, guys like RC and me hate to disappoint, and setting a concrete date months in advance is more stress than I want to put on the guy.

What I can say is that we’re scheduled to start very early in 2018 and, the closer we get to him stepping into the booth, the better we’ll feel about announcing a hard date.  But like I said, we look like starting super early in the first part of 2018.

Thank you, all, for your patience.


2 thoughts on “Commune Book 2 Audio Book Release Date

  1. Well. I just devoured Book 1 and then listened to chapter 1 of book 2. So I know Bob has been in the booth on this one. Hopefully he has it finished and it is in post production.

    A fine novel and a great start to a new series, And RC Bray. Where’s the downside?

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