12 thoughts on “Commune #2 Audio Book is in production now!

      • Joshua? I’m going to look you up online to learn a little bit more about you. Recently, I finally downloaded the audiobook version of “Commune 2” and would like to express my very much pleasure and enjoyment I got listening to RC Bray do his thing with yer story. I loved it! Now, all that aside, I would also like to tell you to burn in hell for not writing fast enough. Now I have to wait like 3 years to find out what happens. No, I do not like being strung along and cliff-hangers should be punishable by death by hanging. It’s 2 cocks shy of a circle jerk!! Ha ha ha. Loved it, JG. Get back to work….


  1. Audibles abilities to communicate these types of things leaves a lot to be desired. They do not even acknowledge a books existence until it is available.


    • It’s not their fault in a lot of cases. They’re subject to when the production company completes work on a title and it’s not as though the two entities work very close together. Audible is more of a platform than a content producer, really. Yes, they do produce their own titles, and you’ll see that they do a great job of communicating when those will be released…because they know. But for other publishers, well, there are so many out there that keeping up with all of the titles currently under production would be an insane, full time job for a whole department of people over at Audible.


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