Commune 2 Audio Book Update

Well, Persevering Reader, I was on the phone with ACX this morning to see why the book still has not gone live on Audible.  Their response was thus:

  1. The book should be going live any minute.  Expect to see it either today or tomorrow (Wednesday).  However…
  2. If you don’t see it by Friday, give us another call and we’ll cut a ticket to our QA department to investigate why the book (which has passed the QA process a good two weeks ago) has not been released.

I’m sorry guys.  I wish I had better for you.  The release of this audio book has been more like the extraction of a 30 pound blackhead from an elephant’s ass more than anything else.  Keep your fingers crossed for “by tomorrow” and I’ll keep haranguing them as much as I can.

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