Commune Book Three Audio Book Update

Well, now that C2 has been released on Audible, I have a ton of readers asking when C3 comes out on audio.

First off: thank you very much for your interest.  It’s a great problem for a writer to have.

The best I have right now is that production for C3 is tentatively scheduled to start sometime later this year, probably around July or August.  That’s really the best information I have right now.  As you know, R. C. Bray’s schedule is somewhat akin to an exploding minefield…

In the meantime, I’m currently writing the 4th book and listening to the new Mountain Man Prequel by Keith C. Blackmore.  If you haven’t picked that one up yet, just what the hell is wrong with you???

9 thoughts on “Commune Book Three Audio Book Update

  1. Thank you! I decided I couldn’t wait for the audio book to I picked up a print copy. Read 100 pages in 2 days after work. I’m hooked! I want to keep reading but I don’t want it to end! Hope there will be a commune 5,6,7,8 😃. Oh and a TV show!

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  2. Loved the whole Mountain Man series! You, K. Blackmore, and C. Alanson are definitely my favorite contemporary post-apoc writers. Currently listening to the Arisen series, Expeditionary Force series was a lot of fun, and The Fear Saga was going great until that last book. You’ll note these are all narrated by Bray– I’ve yet to find another narrator that imbues so much to the characters and tone of an already great story. Any suggestions for more similar stories/narrators? BTW please please keep it up… this is hands down the best series I’ve ever gotten into and I never want it to end!!! Netflix? Amazon perhaps? I’m clueless as to how those decisions are made but you’ve done something really special here. Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Gayou!!


  3. Why why why? Just finished listening to Commune Book 2. What am I’m going to do now for couple of months? Probably I’ll read written edition although I really like the way the audiobook is read / produced. Tell them we need it done faster 🙂


  4. RC Bray is the reason I discovered your series. His work is the best hands down. And your work compliments his talent & visa versa! I’ve read/listened to every Mountain Man book & love them. So happy to stumble on your series. I can’t wait till book 3. One question: Why Billy???? Why???


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