Commune 3 Audio Release Date on @audible_com – October/November

Okay, a lot of you have been pinging me for updates on the audio release of C3, so I spoke recently with R.C. to confirm.  The man has a stacked schedule, as you’re all, I’m sure, aware.  Right now he’s wrapping up books for the Craigs; Mavericks for Alanson and Over the Hill for Dilouie.  And as I know that a lot of my readers are just as excited about those other books, I don’t mind saying that waiting just a touch longer won’t kill us.

So, here we go.  And C4 chugs along happily in editing – there should be no problem in having it ready to go when Bob is ready for it, so we can expect to see the final book in the series sometime around Christmas.

Take care!

3 thoughts on “Commune 3 Audio Release Date on @audible_com – October/November

  1. Of course R.C.Bray has a stacked schedule the man is a freaking genius behind the mic, I love his stuff. We should get him to re-do the Game of Thrones series while he is at it (the other guy blows).
    Also Joshua your character Gibbs, spot on mate he is perfect and a crack up. I’m so going to buy your books when it hits the digital shelves. Have you thought of a Gibbs spin off?

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