Commune 3 Production Wrapped 10/31. Audible Release Imminent!

This morning I approved the finalized chapters for C3 over at ACX.  That means the book is now running through Audible’s quality control process, after which it should post to Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.  This process usually takes between 10 and 14 days, so it’s looking pretty damned close.  I’ll notify you all through every channel I have once it’s available for purchase.  The final run time on this one clocks in right around 19 hours.

I want to take a minute to congratulate R. C. Bray for the work he’s done on this entry.  The man continues to transform my words into things greater than they were when I first cobbled them together, often times taking the characters in directions I’d not anticipated, though his instincts always end up being correct in the end.  Anyone could “narrate” these books but Bob performs them in ways that continue to shock and amaze.

I am, indeed, a lucky man.



5 thoughts on “Commune 3 Production Wrapped 10/31. Audible Release Imminent!

  1. Congratulations, and well said in your thank you to Mr. Bray.
    My wife and I have enjoyed your first two books immensely, and so glad we stumbled onto your work in September.
    We check updates every day for the C3 release, and we’ll be riding along for your next adventure in Sci-Fi.

    As a guy about your age it’s inspiring to see you take the step into writing and having this kind of success.
    It seems the Audio-Book-Revolution has the potential to really make books cool and accessible again, even in a techno-driven world. And you’re help make this happen. Well Done..

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  2. Well, Josh… I think the drop of audible version Commune Book 3 has broken the servers at Amazon… Congrats by the way! Will dive right in once they resolve the technical issues!


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