9 thoughts on “Commune Book Four is Ten Days Away!

  1. I completed listening to book 3 just a couple of hours ago. A quick search brought me to this site. Ten days seems like forever at first, but then I realize that my first two retirement years passed by in just seconds. As I listened to the series, and began to recognize Jake, I slowly grew paranoid. I am completely baffled. I have searched by memory and can not bring forth one family member or friend that knew me well enough for you to interrogate and compile that many details about my life. It’s just downright scary. I do appreciate getting a different name for the book, but, come on… Jake??? Okay, maybe I made all that up, but I’m still looking forward to book 4. Thanks for writing. Don’t take too long of a vacation as we all need stories from such a talented author.

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  2. When do you suspect RC will be able to officially end this beautiful series? I really enjoy your writing style and your choice in narrator really is a spectacular combo. I look forward to seeing more of your work and the different worlds you vividly suck me in to.
    Thank you for all the hard work and giving me a new world to explore, love and enjoy.

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    • Hard to say. Original finish date was early January, however Bob got a bit of pneumonia, from which he’s slowly recovering. I’m almost certain he picked it up because he works so damned hard and takes so little time for himself to slow down and recover. I told him to slide the date out as needed and we’ll produce the thing when he’s feeling up to it.

      Maybe February, if we’re lucky.


  3. I’ve been counting down the days for book 4 and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on Amazon tonight, a little earlier than expected. 😊 Just waiting for the audio now because R.C. is seriously amazing. I’m a little sad for it to end.


  4. Rob,
    You are correct, RC brought me to you but you’re incredible storytelling has kept me. Just starting Book 3 on Audible, and now I realized I have to SLOW DOWN since Book 4#dontmindmeisuckattennis be out til February (maybe). Get better, RC! And keep doing your thing Mr Bayou!


  5. Very good story , really not enough superlatives to describe… R.C.Bray , what more can I say …I would enjoy him reading directions.
    I listen to your stories every night and go to sleep with his voice and your story .
    I have copied :Death the King of Terrors to be read at my funeral .(Thanks) along with ” Always look on the Bright side of life”

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