I have signed with Aethon Books

I am pleased and excited to announce that I have signed a deal with Aethon Books. They will take over as the publisher and marketing team for the ebook and print formats of my books. First: a big re-release of the Commune Series under the Aethon banner.  After: All Gifts, Bestowed.

Print and Ebook fans: You will note that the ebook and print versions of my Commune Series books have been taken down from Amazon at this time.  As I have granted Aethon Books exclusive rights to distribute these titles, I must take the self-published titles down.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  We’re working right now to define the re-release schedule, which will be kicking off fairly soon, and you can look forward to some exciting new cover art as well as new formats that I was unable to provide on my own.

Audio fans: there will be no impact to my audio titles. I still work directly with R.C. Bray via Blue Heron. Scheduling on audio formats will continue according to his packed schedule.

Thank you, and thanks to Aethon Books. Cool things ahead.

8 thoughts on “I have signed with Aethon Books

  1. Found your books a while ago and just got a chance to read the first one – went to download the rest and they were gone! Thanks for this post, I was really disappointed thinking they were gone forever, but congratulations instead! Is there a scheduled re-release date so I can read the rest of the commune series (soon)??!

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  2. Way to go! I hope this new partnership moves you into more markets and you get the recognition you very much deserve. Your books are very well written and you picked the absolute best narrator to fit the series. I am so eagerly waiting to hear the new book. And can’t wait to see what new adventures you take me on in the future.


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