After It Happened by Devon C. Ford

Check out this great series while you wait on Commune 4!

“Like Commune, but in the UK…”

Fans of either series have probably heard it at least once going in either direction.
“What’s Commune about?”  “Oh, it’s like After It Happened, only in America.”
“What’s After It Happened about?”  “Oh, it’s like Commune, on in the UK.”
If you haven’t heard about Devon C. Ford’s series, you might want to check it out.  There’s sure to be something in it for fans of the Commune books.

And, if you go check out the Audiobook version, you can listen to it in the voice of R.C.  Bray!  Go listen to the preview now and see if these books are for you!

One thought on “After It Happened by Devon C. Ford

  1. Two of my most favorite stories ever! I love them both so much that instead of picking a favorite, I use my head-canon to pretend that they are just 2 different points of view during the same world event. It’s kinda fun to imagine it that way.


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