SNAP Judgment – Primal Story Telling

Every so often I think, “I should step off the Twitter bus.  Nothing good ever came from that.”

Then I meet someone or come across something that tells me why I should stick around.  I just came across this fella’s page tonight, Glynn Washington.  He’d commented on one of my tweets and I realized the dude had followed me, and sometimes when I see a follower that engages (and not just someone who followed for a follow-back), I go check out their page and see what they’re all about.  And I see he’s the host of something called Snap Judgment – storytelling with a BEAT.

Says I to myself, “Snap judgment?  Hell, Twitter sure is the right place for that.”  Then I figured I’d like to see what the guy’s about and checked out his site.

Guy has a radio show, does a pod cast, and so on.  I went and listened to some of their stuff.  Listened and got sucked in immediately.  I love so much what these people are doing.  There are stories here; real stories from real people.  There is life, perspective, and truth.  I am, right now, too rocked to explain what this is.

The storytelling is deep, here.  It is sunk deep, too the roots, into the rock of the earth.  This is the art form that precedes novelization.  There is so much waiting.

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