All Gifts, Bestowed

eBook and Print Release: April 30th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence, a culture in decline, an economy in upheaval.  One possible future, as imagined by the author of the Commune Series.

Gilles Guattari has built a life only dreamed of by most.  Out of high school well in advance of the norm, accelerated college programs, doctorate before his mid-twenties, a prestigious position at a nationally recognized technology firm creating cutting-edge systems.  He has met the love of his life and the future is clear.

Gilles Guattari lives a life only dreamed of by most.  Some things have not gone as planned, unfortunately.  Some things have been unintentionally corrupted.  He has been charged with an impossible task and he does not know how he will answer.  But Annalise has always been there, his rock, and his world is anchored.

Gilles Guattari drifts through a life he did not ask for in a world he no longer understands.  He has withdrawn from the tumult.

But the tumult has come to find him.