The Commune Series

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Is survival worth the loss of humanity?

Finding a friend in the apocalypse isn’t easy. And for Jake Martin, ever since the plague wiped out 99% of humanity, it’s been damn-near impossible. Life has become an endless trek for canned food, shelter, and avoiding those who’ve turned to killing for anything all while trying not to become a killer himself.

When Jake encounters an elderly wanderer named Billy on the highway to ruined Las Vegas, everything changes. Billy reminds him of life before the end of the world, of when being human meant acting like more than a mindless beast.

Although their bond quickly grows, two men don’t make a commune. Together, they stumble upon a gang of scavengers keeping Amanda Contreras and her daughter prisoner, and using the mother to fulfill their base needs. Jake and Billy decide it’s time to stop just looking out for themselves.

After risking everything to break the girls free, their commune grows to four. Now, they must all learn to cooperate if they’re to survive in a primitive, hostile world in search of a new home. Each of them will learn how far they’re willing to go to continue living… or if living is even worth it.

Check out the first book in this harrowing, post-apocalyptic series from debut author Joshua Gayou, perfect for fans of The Road and The Book of Eli. You can also pick it up on Audible performed by the award-winning RC Bray.

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Survival can be a lonely existence…or not.  The reality of the situation always comes down to a simple decision: what kind of world do you want to build?

The survivors have come to settle in the mountains of Wyoming, fighting day in and day out to establish a home for themselves in a near-empty world.  Things are good at first; scavenging is a workable, short term solution that seems to be providing all they need.

But they know that it’s only a matter of time before the food runs out.  They need to scramble to find a sustainable solution before the clock stops and, for a little handful of people up in the mountains, the odds don’t seem very favorable.

Further south, a new band of people migrates across the map, running on fumes and searching desperately for a place to settle.  All around them, as resources run thin, the world grows colder and more violent.

It’s getting worse out there, always getting worse, and it’s starting to look like survival might just depend on how violent they’re willing to get…

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Having been bolstered with the supplies sufficient to carry them through the winter, the survivors of the Jackson commune must now hunker down and endure the bitter Wyoming snows while, to the south, factions are beginning to form, coalescing from the ashes of the dead world.

Out in Arizona, the leftovers of the United States Military encamped in the last known surviving tent city: The Elysium Fields.

In Nevada, a clan of scavengers grows ever larger, each day bringing them a step closer to collapsing under their own weight.

Resources are becoming scarcer by the day as the world trudges on and, as it so happens, the folks up in Wyoming appear to be sitting on prime real estate…

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The philosopher asks: faced with the mutually exclusive choice between moral principle and the survival of your family, which is the correct path?

Philosophers love to pose such questions, and in the day-to-day struggle, such thinkers rarely attain to a level of relevance rivaling that of the simple hunger pang.  Their careful considerations dissipate under the leveled gun.  We do not feel their disapproving gaze when The Others draw near.

When the world sends doom, the survivors do not hesitate.  The survivors do what is necessary.

28 thoughts on “The Commune Series

  1. Will there be a 4th book? I really enjoyed the first three and these have been so much better written than other end of times books.


  2. In the last 4 months, i have read 30+ books. I listen to them on my watch whilst i do repetitive, mind-numbing warehouse work. of those ~30 books, Commune 1 and 2 are BY FAR my favorites. The characters are amazing. The story is gripping, and of course it helps to have RC Bray on board. I’m a full grown near 30 year old man and this book made me both laugh and ugly face cry. Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love books 1 and 2 audiobooks just can’t wait for book 3. I know I will have to wait because R.C. Bray is and will be in high demand for a long time. That being said when will book 3 be available for audiobook . If it’s because Bray is so busy don’t worry I’ll wait for greatness.


  4. I binge listen to audible while driving truck cross country, and I love the commune series. I can’t wait for the third book to be on audible keep up the good work!


  5. I recently binged book 1 & 2 on audible. Gibs has me cracking up throughout book 2. Now I am reading book 3 the old fashioned way so that I won’t have to wait for the audiobook to find out what happens.
    So far in book 3 it appears you aren’t using the interview format you used in book 1 and 2, I like it but it is shocking and exciting to see so much into Jake’s personality and history!! I’ve had a lot of fun imagining what Jake’s life was probably like before. Thank you for these characters!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love this series!!! Just started Commune 3, got it the day it became available from Audible. I keep thinking these books would be as good as or, dare I say it, BETTER than The Stand or The Walking Dead if the right person does the screen play… Joshua Gayou maybe???

    The character and story development are simply excellent! This series has become an instant classic, at least for me and, by previous reviews, for many others. Is there a tentative Audible release date for book 4? Might I suggest setting it up for pre-order?


  7. Will there be a book 5?!?! I feel like there is more to the story. I dont want to give spoilers but I’m left with so many questions.


  8. I will second Jesse’s question…can I second a question? Anyway, love the story and characters. Would love to read/listen to more. Thank you for the books!


  9. Hello Joshua, I am the author of several non fiction AI books ( and I really enjoyed the story of the emergence of your AI in All Gifts, Bestowed. I also found your biographical afterward very interesting. I have worked in the field of AI since 1982, and I believe AGI will exist sometime, just not in the near future.


  10. Love the series, added a more realistic view on survival. What were the books that Jake kept mentioning from the library? Do you have a list? Thx


  11. Just finished book 3. I love this series and I love Jacob. Anxiously awaiting my next Audible credits so I can get book 4!! Thank you for a very well done series.


  12. I need a 5th book! My absolute favorite part of this series was the description of Blucifer. I don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard at something I read.


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