Commune 3 Audio Release Date on @audible_com – October/November

Okay, a lot of you have been pinging me for updates on the audio release of C3, so I spoke recently with R.C. to confirm.  The man has a stacked schedule, as you’re all, I’m sure, aware.  Right now he’s wrapping up books for the Craigs; Mavericks for Alanson and Over the Hill for Dilouie.  And as I know that a lot of my readers are just as excited about those other books, I don’t mind saying that waiting just a touch longer won’t kill us.

So, here we go.  And C4 chugs along happily in editing – there should be no problem in having it ready to go when Bob is ready for it, so we can expect to see the final book in the series sometime around Christmas.

Take care!

Commune Book Three Audio Book Update

Well, now that C2 has been released on Audible, I have a ton of readers asking when C3 comes out on audio.

First off: thank you very much for your interest.  It’s a great problem for a writer to have.

The best I have right now is that production for C3 is tentatively scheduled to start sometime later this year, probably around July or August.  That’s really the best information I have right now.  As you know, R. C. Bray’s schedule is somewhat akin to an exploding minefield…

In the meantime, I’m currently writing the 4th book and listening to the new Mountain Man Prequel by Keith C. Blackmore.  If you haven’t picked that one up yet, just what the hell is wrong with you???

Thank You

Commune Book 2 was released on Audible three days ago.  It’s already climbed to the #2 best seller slot for the Post Apocalypse genre and jumped to 77 on their Science Fiction top 100 best seller list.

You readers out there who are making this happen: you can’t imagine my gratitude.  Just thank you.

Commune 2 Audio Book Update

Well, Persevering Reader, I was on the phone with ACX this morning to see why the book still has not gone live on Audible.  Their response was thus:

  1. The book should be going live any minute.  Expect to see it either today or tomorrow (Wednesday).  However…
  2. If you don’t see it by Friday, give us another call and we’ll cut a ticket to our QA department to investigate why the book (which has passed the QA process a good two weeks ago) has not been released.

I’m sorry guys.  I wish I had better for you.  The release of this audio book has been more like the extraction of a 30 pound blackhead from an elephant’s ass more than anything else.  Keep your fingers crossed for “by tomorrow” and I’ll keep haranguing them as much as I can.

Commune Book Two Audio Book Update

I’ve been in frequent contact with ACX to follow up on status and how it’s all going back there; was in fact on the phone with them this morning.

According to their process, they have until April 2nd (this Monday) to complete their 10 to 14 day business process (the time it takes them to QA review and post the book for sale).

So, according to ACX and Audible, the book should be available for download no later than Monday of next week.  If we don’t see it by then, I’ll be on the phone again to see what I can do.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video to hold you over.