Facebook Live Event with R. C. Bray!

Good friend and narrator/performer of my books R. C. Bray will be hosting a Facebook Live event on December 27th at 8pm EST.  I intend to be there if at all possible (I’ll be driving home from visiting family on that day) as a spectator.  If you’d like to ask questions of a major audio book industry icon, this would be your chance.

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Book Review: Commune Book Two

4 stars from Miss “TheReader” is often as good as seven stars from other folks. Her sharp eye for detail leaves nothing to chance and her insight is prescient. You read her commentary as much for the negatives as you do the positives because, if you can set aside your ego long enough, her input will simply make you a better writer.

Thank you, Judith.


Commune Book Two by Joshua Gayou is the sequel in his dystopian series.

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Following on from Commune Book One, the plot follows Jake and Amanda’s group, who have settled in Wyoming, fighting day in and day out to establish a home for themselves in a near-empty world. When a new group turn up, running on fumes, and searching desperately for a place to settle, it’s only a matter of time before short-term solutions to survival run out.

It seems an age since I read Commune Book One, but you can read my review of it from May here:

In his personalised note to me in the cover of his book, Joshua writes:

‘I’m pretty sure I’m still using the word “chuckle” in here, but you bear with me, won’t you?’

Over recent months, I’ve developed a strong aversion to the word “chuckle”.

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However, whilst I noticed the…

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Attack of the Killer B’s… catching up with the creator, 25 years later.


My friend Evan reports on youthful nostalgia, B movies, and bygone trailblazers who hung it all out there.

From the Wastes...

In a previous blog post, I spoke of a public access television show I used to watch called Attack of the Killer B’s.

Back in 1992, my Friday night ritual was to run to the gas station just off base and grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk and a can of Cheezums. I’d then get back just in time to settle in and watch the most glorious Public Access Television show ever created… Attack of the Killer B’s. It was like some kind of mad experiment resulting from a twisted tryst between Elvira, Svenghouli, and a voyeuristic MST3K poking its head in and seeing just what the hell was going on.

I ended up with about 8 VHS tapes filled with static’y episodes (all I had was rabbit ears and tin foil!), but I’d watch those tapes over and over again for the…

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Apocalypse Genre Lovers – Go here Now: poastapocalypticmedia.com @PostApocalypt #apocalypse #shoutout

I’ve been looking for a site like this for a while.  FINALLY, I’ve found my people!

Awesome, thoughtful articles on the end of everything.  It’s refreshing to see others putting as much thought into this stuff as me.  It helps me to realize I’m perhaps not as nuts as originally suspected.