Commune 2 Re-Release!


That’s right.  The ebook format for Commune Book Two is back in action, once again.  My publisher is working fast to get the paperback and hardcovers up on on Amazon as well, just as they’ve done for Commune 1!

And remember: if you want a signed copy of these books, there are instructions advising how you can make it happen.

– Josh

Commune Four in Production plus New After it Happened!

Coming to Audible March 19th


Well, we’re now embarking on the last leg of an excursion that began back in 2017, when I first sat down at the computer thinking to myself, “What the hell.  I guess I’ll write a book.”  Fast forward to now.  This series has grown beyond anything I could have dreamed of and it seems to be picking up steam in new ways all the time.  The highly anticipated climax to the series, COMMUNE: BOOK FOUR, is now officially in production with Mr. R. C. freaking Bray, and he informs me that for this go-round, there will be an option to PREORDER and we do have a SET RELEASE DATE.


So, for all of you who love to ask, “When will we have…?”, my answer is: March 19th.  Commune Four goes live on Audible March 19th.

In the meantime, here’s something fairly awesome to tide you over while you wait:

The Leah Chronicles

Piracy: The Leah Chronicles (After it Happened Book 8)

Direct from my friend, Mr. Devon C. Ford, more across-the-pond apocalyptic goodness:

The second spin-off book in my After It Happened world is now live to pre-order, with a Kate Reading Audible version hot on its heels.

“Comfort doesn’t mean safety, not in a world built from the remnants of the life they’ve left behind.

Eight years after the world changed forever, Sanctuary and her surrounding settlements had settled into their new way of life. And with the events in Andorra a distant memory, they were safe…or at least they thought they were.

As Leah recounts their highs and lows, the memories of that fateful day come flooding back. The day violence visited them from the sea in a way they could never have anticipated. The way in which their whole way of life was threatened, and she was forced to battle more than just the invaders to keep her people, her family and herself safe.

The day Leah discovered something that would change her life forever.”

Pre-order now at the following links:



After It Happened by Devon C. Ford

Check out this great series while you wait on Commune 4!

“Like Commune, but in the UK…”

Fans of either series have probably heard it at least once going in either direction.
“What’s Commune about?”  “Oh, it’s like After It Happened, only in America.”
“What’s After It Happened about?”  “Oh, it’s like Commune, on in the UK.”
If you haven’t heard about Devon C. Ford’s series, you might want to check it out.  There’s sure to be something in it for fans of the Commune books.

And, if you go check out the Audiobook version, you can listen to it in the voice of R.C.  Bray!  Go listen to the preview now and see if these books are for you!

Commune Three hits @audible_com’s Top 100 (All Categories) on its SECOND DAY!

One of my incredibly lovely readers (why, hello there, Lisa) happened to post up in our Facebook group page that she’d noticed Commune 3 was listed at #3 in the general Sci-Fi best sellers list over at Audible.

I was pretty stoked by this news, to say the least.  Hitting #1 in the Post-Apocalyptic sub-category on Audible (and holding that spot for weeks at a time) was something I’m blessed to say my books had already done.  Even so, it’s a comparatively small category; only 1,600 or so titles.  General Sci-Fi and Fantasy is a larger playground, upwards of 36,000+ titles with some true heavy-hitters dominating the top of the stack.  In the past, I think the highest I ever got in that list was something like #15, so a #3 was a hell of a nice surprise.

Then I started goofing around and said, “I wonder if I’m anywhere in the top 100 for all categories combined?”

That’s a huge list.  I don’t even know how many titles comprise everything Audible has in their catalogue.  It’s a list I’ve never come near and didn’t expect to come near for a long time.

Commune: Book Three was at #71 on the top 100 list for All Categories Combined when I looked at it.

That’s on its second day of availability.  For an independent author who has, to date, no marketing savvy (or really budget) to speak of.

To say that this is directly attributable to the power of my readers (not to mention all you Brayniacs out there) is a gross understatement.  Thank you all so much for driving these books to this level.


Commune 3 Production Wrapped 10/31. Audible Release Imminent!

This morning I approved the finalized chapters for C3 over at ACX.  That means the book is now running through Audible’s quality control process, after which it should post to Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.  This process usually takes between 10 and 14 days, so it’s looking pretty damned close.  I’ll notify you all through every channel I have once it’s available for purchase.  The final run time on this one clocks in right around 19 hours.

I want to take a minute to congratulate R. C. Bray for the work he’s done on this entry.  The man continues to transform my words into things greater than they were when I first cobbled them together, often times taking the characters in directions I’d not anticipated, though his instincts always end up being correct in the end.  Anyone could “narrate” these books but Bob performs them in ways that continue to shock and amaze.

I am, indeed, a lucky man.