Our Gaming Community

Humanity is spread out all over the globe, and now in today’s strange times we find ourselves more disconnected from each other than ever.  In my time as a writer I’ve been blessed to make some truly great friends – many of whom started out as one of my anonymous readers.

Perhaps this is you.

We’ve managed to create a tight community of friends over the years who share a love of gaming.  Whether pulverizing zombies or sailing pirate-infested waters, we really just use the platform as an excuse to connect, to unwind, to remind ourselves that we are much more than anonymous blurbs of text on a screen.

Who knows how you’ve found this page?  Maybe you’ve read my books.  Perhaps this was just a random click.  Doesn’t matter.  You’ll find us in our Discord.  Click the link, introduce yourself, and fire up a game.

Active Servers

7 Days to Die Survival Server

Open to the public but password protected.  Ask for the password in our Discord.

Server Name: Commune Gaming (

PVP Enabled – Will you band together with allies…or go it alone?

Past Event Nights